Record every voice, every interaction

Record every conversation. VCLog records complete and secured voice conversation for every interaction and allow user repeatable playback recording files. VCLog able to ensure a 100% of voice capturing and forward the recorded recordings to ASR engine while complying the contact centre business security regulations so that no recording is lost. 


VCLog provides quick search feature for the wanted recording file through key call information or other related business information from thousands of recording files. This product provides evidence for every dispute, provides solution for potential business risk, provides channel to listen to customer for their needs, and provides guarantee for contact centre to hit KPI.

Capture 100% of conversation​

Full time all conversation recording. Records every customer conversation without missing any customer interaction data. This ensures you to intuitively see the whole process of customer interaction and the whole picture of contact centre work.

Automatic alarm monitoring and data pre-processing technology. Automatic alarm monitoring reduces downtime and enable customer to discover the device issue in time. This gives device administrator an early warning to solve the device issue. Advanced data pre-processing technology can effectively ensure that the original data is not lost in the process of network data transmission. Furthermore, guarantee the data integrity received by VCLog recording system so as to ensure that no call data is lost, and the sound quality is good.

Search for the correct content

System automatically organizes and categorizes recording files. By connecting keywords or speech recognition engine, the system can automatically tag and categorize recording files according to the pre-setting on keywords or text logic. The connection with speech recognition engine also enables the system to transcript all voice into text. Moreover, search and playback the correct recording file from thousands of interaction recordings through specific text information.

Find the needed one. Through the rich searching features of VCLog, administrator can quickly search for the needed content from thousands of recordings. With the fusion playback of audio, screen and video recording, it helps to disclose the truth of the incident in time.

Protect your data, protect your interest

Data security.Sensitive data is encrypted and save into database using AES 128 algorithm. Payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS 3.0) is meet and comply the compliance goal of regulatory requirement. Recording file will not contain sensitive information of customer.

Transmission security.All communications between client and server are encrypted using mainstream HTTPS and TLS1.2 based encryption methods. SFTP is optional for file uploading and archiving to ensure data security.

User security. User hierarchy and user permission is used to restrict the live monitoring and playback of every recording which prevents the intrusion of eavesdropper and ultimately achieve the system security requirement. In addition, Bcrypt algorithm is used to ensure user security incorporating with salt encryption method.

File security. The AES256 encryption algorithm is used to record, compress, encrypt and store each call recording, thus ensuring the security of customer interaction data in all directions.

File authenticity.Inserting necessary digital information into voice files, watermark information into video files such as screen recording file and etc. This ensures the authenticity in the transmission process of voice or video files and proves that following principles can be effectively implemented while avoiding legal risk.

VCLog BI Business Intelligence, help to build a modern contact center

Empower the contact center with strong analytical capability. VCLog able to integrate with VCLog BI (intelligence advanced reporting and analytic system) and provide customers with high availability and customizable intelligence data analytic product. This platform carries out data mining on customer behavior with advanced analysis tools and extract predictive content to discover the value in every customer interaction and provide effective basis for marketing decision.

Enhance customer-oriented business strategy by sharing the overall data of customer experience of the whole company. The responsible manager will then have sufficient data basis to adjust the direction of service and business. Furthermore, continuously improve the customer service experience level, the operation and management efficiency of contact center, and the success rate of sales and marketing.

Product combination provides complete solution

VCLog is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series. Products such as VCLog BI, ICCM, IBAE, Teleopti WFM, SoIP, MoIP, IMAM, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone mode or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.


With a wide of range PBX types such as digital or analog, TDM or VOIP, individuallor blended in the unified interface and industry standard file formats.


VoiceCyber ​’s Recording System has been proven to provide a safe and reliable solution to ensure a stable system. The system is equipped with AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that no unauthorized access occurs.


Can be integrated into most third-party platforms such as CRM, CTI, IVR, etc.; thus providing users with advanced data tags and seamless connectivity.


The system can be optimized and redeveloped according to the needs of your organization, and can support small and medium-sized enterprises and global companies.


VoiceCyber ‘s Recording System is built on Windows and Linux platforms and supports mainstream databases. VoiceCyber uses open standards and non-proprietary hardware to ensure a lower total cost of ownership.

Product Advantages

High density & Reliability, Distributed Deployment, Centralized Management

For large-scale, high-load contact centers, a variety of data distribution and filtering solutions are available to ensure the stability of the recording server.

Flexible Modular Design

Modular design, including unified management module, deletion and deletion module, backup module, alarm module, etc., users can choose according to their own business needs, with a high degree of flexibility.

Authority Management, Multi Level Control

Multi-level privilege control is adopted to support the establishment of multiple roles. Different roles are assigned different rights. Each user can simultaneously belong to multiple roles to achieve the purpose of separating management rights and business rights.

System Expansion & Value-Added Features

Supports expandable functions such as screen recording, quality inspection, video recording, scheduling, mobile recording, live sound collection, etc., and supports expansion applications based on speech recognition and voiceprint recognition, providing new intelligent quality inspection based on various artificial intelligence technologies.

File backup - Multi Level Storage

Multi-level storage strategy: When the recording file is saved on the local disk, it can be backed up to other locations on the network to achieve the purpose of multi-level storage and ensure the security of recording files.

File Transfer - Encrypted Transmission

Download and play recording files through the SFTP secure file transfer protocol and HTTPS secure hypertext transfer protocol to establish an information security channel, in order to ensure the security of data transmission of recording files.

Key Features

Data Deletion

The VoiceCyber ​​Recycle feature helps users automatically manage storage resources on a regular basis. You can choose to periodically clear the data on the storage media and database to ensure that your archive system is in good condition. This will definitely free you from managing the hard disk space.

Data Archiving

VoiceCyber ​​Data Archiving provides flexible storage capabilities for external media such as DVD-RAM, removable hard drives, USB drives or repair media such as NAS and SAN. We provide single or group device management policies and detailed backup policy configurations to make your archive management more efficient and flexible.

Data Security

VoiceCyber ​​Encryption provides an extra level of security to ensure that even if a security breach occurs to the server, the resulting file will have another level of encryption. VoiceCyber ​​uses 256-bit AES to encrypt each recording file. Therefore, even if the secret recording file has been stolen, the file will still be protected by a certain level of encryption.

Alarm and Monitoring

VoiceCyber ​​Diagnostic provides a comprehensive alarm monitoring system that allows your IT department to detect and manage any anomalies that may occur in the recording system. VCLog Diagnostic supports three notification modes that are integrated via email, client notification, or through SNMP to the NMS.


VoiceCyber ​​PCI-DSS will provide your organization with tools to ensure that recordings comply with PCI-DSS regulations and will not capture any confidential information in voice files such as account numbers, credit card information and other information.

Behavior Log Tracking

The VoiceCyber ​​Operation will fully track all activities in the system, from the changes that have occurred in the system to even calls. We will track the IP address, host name, username, etc. for full log tracking. Log reports can be exported to Excel for viewing.

About VoiceCyber

VoiceCyber was established in 2001, is a solution provider that focusing on customer interaction intelligent management. Our solution users covered industries such as banking, insurance, fund management, government service, telecommunications, public utility, public security, power and energy, transportation, and other industries. Company headquarter was established in Shanghai, subsidiary companies were established in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha. Sales and services network are spread all over the world including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. VoiceCyber has been dedicated to providing a complete intelligent security and compliance management solution to Greater China and other Asian regions.