Legacy Product

Telesupply is an experience company with vast expertise in products. Even the products is sunset, we are will able to support and maintained the products with our best effort support. Below are the sunset products we can support and please contact us if any of the sunset products is not listed.

  • Mercom Voice Logger 3.2 & 3.3
  • Mirra2 Voice Logger
  • Mirra4 Voice Logger
  • Nice Logger 8.9 Voice Logger
  • Nice Call Focus 3 Voice Logger
  • Nice Perform Express
  • Nice Perform 3.5
  • Wordnet S2 Voice Logger
  • Wordnet S3 Voice Logger
  • Audiolog Version 4 Voice Logger
  • VoiceCyber UMP
  • MultiSun DCRS 9900
  • MultiSun Microlog TCR2000
  • VoiceSafe G2