TCR-2000 Completes Your Daily Voice Recording Needs

TCR-2000 is a new-generation single channel voice recording device for a wide range of users to complete their daily recording needs. More importantly, TCR-2000 is the device that meets the latest regulatory requirements, especially those imposed by the government after the financial crisis.

  • Direct connection with analog phone line
  • Direct connection with handset of digital/IP phone
  • Meeting room / office desktop conversation recording
  • Playback via built-in speaker or external earphone (for privacy of listening)
  • Call monitoring in live via built-in speaker or external earphone (for privacy of listening)
  • Direct connection with computer via built-in USB v2.0 port
  • Call recording having MD5 128 bit checksum for digital fingerprint
  • Call recording encrypted by AES 256 bit
  • Call Recording Announcement implemented by built-in TD-100 (Optional)
  • Free software for replay, archiving and management in PC
  • AA battery operating option
  • Recordings centralization via computer network
  • Recordings centralized by DCRS Central Archiving


Excellent Voice Recording Solution

MicroLog TCR-2000 introduces 3 levels of user account, recording encryption and memory card password protection. This frees call recordings from exposing to unauthorized persons. The built-in USB port makes it
possible to transfer recorded data from memory card to PC directly thru a USB cable. The battery-powered option makes it possible to record person’s face-to-face talks at outdoor. Recorder Warning Tone and Recording Announcement are optionally supported and the both are audible to all parties on the call, and are recorded.

With a breakthrough in price and functionality, MicroLog TCR-2000 is a perfect recording device for financial planners, investment advisors, attorneys, call center agents, home-based business individuals and anyone who are in the need of call recording when their conversations represent valuable agreements, or their telephone interactions must be monitored, or their security issues need to be considered.


  • Sockets for direct connection with analog line or digital/IP telephone handset cord for recording calls
  • Built-in microphone for recording of meeting room or office-desk persons talking
  • 2L x 12C LCD screen with backlight for display of important information, such as Caller ID, dialing number
  • 16 buttons for input of 0-9, a-z, A-Z and controls of right, left, up, down, Enter and Esc
  • Earphone jack for listening of recordings / live calls
  • Line / handset / earphone jack collectively for delivery of prerecorded statements (optional TD-100 required)

Record and Storage

  • Secure digital technology storing 5,376 hours of conversation recording with a 32GB SDHC card (168H / 1GB)
  • Call recording activated by voice, loop voltage detect, manned operation, schedule
  • Only "important" call recorded (manned operation required)
  • Caller ID, digits dialed, date/time, Case ID, Comment and Value stored
  • "Important" tag assignable (for permanent storage of essential recording)
  • Manually delete recording allowable or unallowable
  • Missed call log (digital phone not supported)

Voice Playback

  • Recordings or live calls played via built-in speaker or external earphone
  • Last call played instantly
  • Jump to bookmark and play
  • Calls searchable by 3 different speeds
  • Only the calls having Importance tag played
  • Play from search result window

Security Features

  • 3 levels of access restrictions by making use of password
  • Password protection with disable/enable option
  • Auto logout feature
  • Recording encryption with disable/enable option
  • Encryption using AES 256 bit
  • MD5 128 bit checksum for digital fingerprinting

System Function and Alert Capability

  • System setup for export to memory card.
  • System configured by memory card
  • Mains adapter or battery powered (for mobility purpose)
  • System software user-upgradable
  • Battery low alert
  • Memory card space-low and write-protection alert

Computer Support

  • Built-in USB 2.0 port for direct computer connection
  • Supplied with a free software for search, playback, management, email and conversion from PC
  • Recordings centralization via computer network (optional)
  • Recordings centralized by EULS Central Archiving (optional)

Download TCR-2000 Catalog

Single Line Memory Card Call Logger (Direct Connection with Analog Phone Line)

About MultiSun

Multisuns Corporation was founded in 1985 originally acting as a telecom equipment developer and provider. The objective was to provide SMBs telephone systems. In 1990 the company changed the direction to provide voicemail equipment, which gave user’s prevailing PBXs and key systems the capability to support automatic call transfer, voicemail and audio-text. From 1990 to 1997, the company’s exclusively developed voice interactive auto attendant outsold the competitor’s product in +20 different countries.