Sabio Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can make digital journeys quicker for your customers and more efficient for you.

Virtual assistants help ease the pressure on contact centres by answering basic queries. Sabio’s virtual assistant typically cuts enquiries to a contact centre by 30% – and in some cases by up to 50%.

As well as making staff more efficient, this also improves morale. Contact centre staff can dedicate their time and expertise to resolving complex problems rather than simple tasks such as re-setting passwords. 

A well-designed virtual assistant can also increase your CSAT and NPS scores. But what do we mean by well-designed?

…is based on customer need
While it can be tempting to get on with building a chatbot, there’s no point in creating anything before you’ve done your research. Sabio conducts primary research with your target audiences. We analyse how customers use your website and why people turn to your contact centre for help. We find out what people want and need from a virtual assistant and from your website. If you don’t understand the current customer experience, a new virtual assistant won’t solve your business challenges.
…is designed for your business and customers
The avatar for your virtual assistant needs to look and feel like it’s part of your brand. It will be seen and used by your current and potential customers, so it needs to reflect your business in the best possible way. A/B testing will show which avatar gets the greatest engagement. It’s also vital the virtual assistant provides useful and relevant answers. Thanks to our experience with a range of clients, we can provide a starting-point of common questions and answers for specific sectors. This means Sabio virtual assistant adds value as soon as it goes live, rather than learning answers from scratch – which can frustrate your website users.
…feels natural and intuitive
Giving accurate answers is one thing – speaking ‘human’ is another. If the dialogue feels clunky, awkward or wrong, people will give up and go elsewhere. Our team of dialog designers and ux specialists will work with you. They’ll design and optimise the virtual assistant using Natural Language Processing and machine learning to ensure it feels intuitive and sounds natural.
…is a helpful source of information and insights
The value of Sabio’s virtual assistant extends beyond the contact centre to your entire customer experience strategy. Marketing managers can use the data to reveal at which point customers leave the site, what content gaps there are and what are the most common questions or pain points. Product managers can see verbatim feedback from customers about what’s working and what’s not.
…knows when to say goodbye
An intelligent digital assistant knows when to offer help and when to step back. For complex or sensitive queries, a human touch is best. Sabio’s virtual assistant analyses at which point in their journey customers need a phone number, email address or the opportunity to chat live to the contact centre. This provides the best possible experience for customers and reduces website exit rates and lost leads.

About Sabio

Sabio has shared the same vision of a business from day one: a company built on strong ethics, and dedicated to providing excellent customer experience through innovative technology solutions. Sabio is now clearly established as a leading independent contact centre technology specialist – focused solely on delivering exceptional customer service strategies and solutions. Sabio brings over 21 years’ expertise in the delivery of best practice customer contact technology solutions, and has a track record of success in helping a wide range of businesses (including some of the world’s largest organisations) transform their customer contact operations to create brilliant customer experiences