VoiceCycber offers an intelligent, flexible Trecording solution enabling contact centers, financial institutions, public safety and other vertical markets to document all information related business operations, protect commercial confidential information and mitigate risk.


VoiceCyber Logging System can record your multimedia interactions from a wide range of network configurations, TDM, VOIP, hybrid telephony environments, web-chats, email interactions and more across any number of location. It provides the capability to capture, store and tag, multiple interaction, including voice, text and screen.


Its seamless integration with VoiceCyber WFO advance Suite such as VCLog ScreenLogger, Quality Monitoring (CPCe), Integrated Management Platform (IMP), Unified Platform Management (UMP) and more, will significant provide value added capabilities which will optimize your organization operational efficiency.


With a wide of range PBX types such as digital or analog, TDM or VOIP, individuallor blended in the unified interface and industry standard file formats.


Operate a resilient recording system without worry about the data violation or unauthorized access with enhance encryption.


Customize our application to suit your organization’s demands and needs regardless of the size organization, from small-mid sized contact centers to global enterprises.


Organize your call records recording files based on the time events and call information in a centralized or distributed storage.


VCLog will be able to integrate to your existing network infrastructure, and adapt to your business environment; providing you with a solution that fits perfectly into your organization seamlessly.


Our VoiceCyber Logging System allows for streamlined maintenance leveraging open standards and non proprietary hardware.

TDM & IP Recording

VCLog, will allow you to have multiple input channels into one single system, such as analog, digital station-side, digital trunk side, VoIP and more. You can record from traditional circuit switched (TDM) or new IP PBXs , in the same system.


VCLog will provide a single interface with both types of recordings preserving your investment. VoiceCyber’s system compresses both TDM and IP audio into industry standard, non-proprietary GSM and WAV file format, extending your options for file sharing and integrations with 3rd party technologies.

Search & Playback

VCLogCQC provides advanced querying capabilities supporting a wide range of search criteria such as Date and Time, Channel No, AgentID, Duration, Extension, CallerID and CalledID, and more. You can search the recording based on your desired criteria. You are able to customized your own playback list, control the playback speed, and repeat playback as well. This research and playback capability can help agent resolving frequent disputation and improving efficient.

Archiving & Recycling

VCLog Archiving provides flexible storage capabilities that can retain large volumes of
calls online, as well as archive contacts to removable media such as DVD-RAM, of fix
media such as network-based storage resources such as NAS/SAN. We offer single or group device management strategy and detailed backup strategy configuration which makes your archive management more efficient.


VCLog Recycle features assist users to manage the storage resources periodically and automatically. You can choose to clear the data both on the storage media and the database periodically to keep your archive system in good health. It will definitely relieve you from the burden of space management hard disk.

VCLog Client Application

VCLog Screen Logging provides your organizations with a 360 view of your agent’s activity, capturing both the voice and screen interaction in sync. VoiceCyber will provide both option of selective recording or 100% recording.


VCLog CallMsg will empower your organizations to comply with PCI-DSS standards, ensuring that sensitive data such as credit card number, CVC pin, TPin and more will not be captured and stored. VoiceCyber support both manual and 100% automation for this compliance.

Browser-based Management

VCLogWeb enables you to manage and access your voice recordings files seamlessly across your network. It is easy maintenance for the IT depart as this is web-based and does not require and application to be installed on the agent or team leaders PC for playback.


VCLog Web also provides username and password control to allow restriction to the calls that can be viewed and played-back based on the user access rights.


VCLogWeb also allows the user to live monitor the agents in real time with both screen and voice.

Diagnostic Tools

VCLog Diagnostic provides a comprehensive alarm monitoring system, empowering your IT Department to detect and manage any abnormalities that may occurs in the Voice Recording System. The system will be able to detect;


  • Security Dongle Abnormalities
  • Abnormal calls; Ultra Long and Ultra Short Calls
  • Archive Device Full
  • Channel disconnection
  • No Recording across ‘X’ Time
  • Abnormal Processor, Memory and Services
  • Heart Beat ‘alive’ check on the recording server
  • Support SNMP v1 and v2

VCLog Diagnostic supports 2 modes of notification via email or client notification. In summary VCLog Diagnostic provide you advance notification for organization to ensure maximum up time for your recording systems.

Data Encryption

Security can never be more emphasized, VoiceCyber understands the need for security. VoiceCyber provides an extra level of security, to ensure even if a breech of security takes place in the server; the files obtained will have another level of Encryption.


We provide a additional module to encryptions the voice recording with a 256bit AES encryption. As such even if the confidential recording files has been compromised, the files will still be protected with a level of encryption.

Audit Trail Report

VCLog Operation – Audit trail will provide a comprehensive audit of all activity in the system from the changes made in the system to even the calls that has been played.


We will track the IP address, host computer name, username and more for a complete audit picture. Audit report can be exported to excel for easy viewing.


VCLog provides comprehensive audit trail track:

  • User Access
  • Search and Replay
  • Export Files
  • Add, move and Delete
  • Live Monitoring and More…

About VoiceCyber

VoiceCyber was established in 2001, is a solution provider that focusing on customer interaction intelligent management. Our solution users covered industries such as banking, insurance, fund management, government service, telecommunications, public utility, public security, power and energy, transportation, and other industries. Company headquarter was established in Shanghai, subsidiary companies were established in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha. Sales and services network are spread all over the world including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. VoiceCyber has been dedicated to providing a complete intelligent security and compliance management solution to Greater China and other Asian regions.