VoiceSafe Plus

The telephone commercial voice recording system consists of the automatically recording and real-time monitoring software and hardware for the process of both sides during the call. Audio-recording adopts the common international voice process and compression technology conformed to CCITT standard. It samples, digitalizes, compress and save the voice signals to the computer disks. Audio-play decompresses and plays the voice datum of the storage devices on the external sound-boxes or earphones. It serves for the essential tools of the production scheduling, service hot-line, police-alarm, fire-alarm, bank commission, securities and so on fields.


  • Supports Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP /7/2003/2008
  • Provides PCI Card for Digital Recording for 30B+D (*30) E1/PRI
  • Can monitor real time conversations on every line.
  • Support 3 video modes or customization: Auto-recording, Voice-control and Manual recording by using the keys
  • Can list and print out all the Incoming / Outgoing / Missed calls. Supports the conditional inquiry and special remarks.
  • Can record the call directly. Supports simultaneous recording of direct phone and extensions.
  • Has an auto backup feature. The system backs up the files onto your CD Writer. Supports auto fold repeat.
  • Has the incoming customer management system to identify the Incoming calls and the screen Pops up automatically.
  • Can program the starting time and finishing time for a recording. Can also be programmed to record during a specific period of time or a day.
  • Subscribers can customize the phone number that should not be recorded in the special list, for example, when dialing 8888,169 or 163 to access the internet. The system does not launch the recorder then.
  • Have operation logs to record all the operations and activities.
  • Enables privacy on some lines for a specific subscriber. Can setup password protection for individual subscribers besides the supervisor password for the administrator.
  • The external phone cables, extension cables, ISDN catalog cables, output cables for the wireless interphones are applicable.
  • Alarm information is displayed on the screen or by an e-mail incase of emergency

About VoiceSafe

VoiceSafe offers complete call recording for any business in the UK. This revolutionary solution provides businesses with an affordable, secure and simple to use tool to monitor and develop telephone activity. Every call both inbound and outbound is recorded and store securely on the VoiceSafe. This system automatically runs backups to ensure data is kept safe and always available. It can dramatically improve your telephone enquiry capture levels.